About Mountain Broadband

We are a small group of volunteers who have been working with Comcast for nearly three years to bring high-speed, wired, internet access to the Loma Prieta community in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We are all local residents who are dedicated to bringing a reliable, relatively inexpensive, high-bandwidth connection to our community.

The group got started when an opportunity arose to get Comcast to build out their services to include 350 homes in the Skyland area. This project brought a high-speed fiber-optic backbone into the mountains for the first time. After two years of effort, phase I of the project is complete with about 50% of the eligible homes signed up already. Now phase II is being planned to extend that service even further (see the route maps for full details).

This past June, Comcast presented their plans for phase II at a public meeting at the Loma Prieta Community Center. Their plan included an additional 350+ homes divided into five routes. According to Comcast's agreement with Santa Cruz County, each route would be required to pay approximately 50% of the cost to build out the infrastructure required. Those routes which could pay would be included; those which could not, would not.

Unfortunately, due to their unfamiliarity with our unusual community, the routes Comcast planned were very costly, and did not include everyone who wanted service. It was then that this group undertook an extensive mapping project. We provided Comcast with detailed maps, alternate route plans, pole layout diagrams, and other materials to demonstrate how they could better provide service. This information was handed over to Comcast in mid-July.

We now have Comcast's response, and we know that each neighborhood (or route) will need to raise tens of thousands of dollars to qualify for phase II. Knowing this represents a huge investment for each of us, we created this website to help you understand what's involved, what you stand to gain, and decide how you would like to contribute.

Mountain Broadband is a group of volunteers dedicated to bringing wired broadband coverage to the Loma Prieta region of the Santa Cruz mountains.
While the current best option for broadband appears to be Comcast, Mountain Broadband is not affiliated with Comcast, nor do we represent Comcast as the only solution.